School Committee Presentations An archive of presentations from SC meetings


FY 18

August 2017
2017-2018 Milton School Committee Goals

SBIRT Screening Presentation


FY 17

June 2017

MPS Substance Use Prevention, Deterrence & Intervention Plan
-2016/17 Health & PE Presenation

-2016/17 Food ServicePresention


May 2017

School Choice Presentation 2017

Coordinated Program Review


April 2017

MPS Athletics Update


January 2017

Digital Learning UPDATE

NESDEC Demography and Enrollment Projections

Milton School Committee Summary of Areas for Improvement/Continued Attention

Superintendent’s Goals / 2016-2018


December 2016

MSC Superintendent End-of-Cycle-Summative Evaluation December 2016


November 2016

School Committee District Goals 2016-2017

Special Education Updates

FY 18 Budget Revised

FY18 Priorities for a contingent budget

Superintendent’s  Final Evaluation


October 2016

Tucker School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Collicot School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Cunningham School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Glover School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Cunningham School Data Presentation

MPS School Data Presentation

Pierce Middle School Data Presentation

Tucker School Data Presentation

Collicot School Data Presentation

2015-16 Diversity Report

Spring 2016 MCAS/PARCC Cohort Analysis

Spring 2016 MCAS/PARCC Results

MHS / FY17 Budget Needs Presentation


September 2016

4th Quarter Report Memo

4th Quarter Report

4th Quarter Report Revised


FY 16

April 2016

2015-2016 MHS Site Council


March 2016

2015/2016 Cunningham School Improvement Plan

Food Services Presentation

PCG March 2, 2016

MPS Special Education Review

Pierce Middle School Site Council

December 2015

Collicot School Improvement Plan

PARCC Reminders

Milton School Committee Management Plan

November 2015

DESE Educator Evaluation System - Supt.

Glover Improvement Plan

MHS Youth Risk Behavior Survey Report

MHS Youth Risk Behavior Brief Report

2015 PARCC Results Executive Summary

October 2015

- MCAS Presentation


September 2015

Capital Projections FY16

Tech. Capital Request FY17

August 2015

LAUNCH Presentation

July 2015

Grant Memo Update

FY 15

June 2015

End of Year District Data Presentation

Edline Presentation

Residency Update Presentation

Tucker Birdhouse Project Presentation

April 2015

Milton School Food Service Presentation

Internal Assessment School Committee Presentation

StoneTurn Report - Milton Public Schools


March 2015

ELE School Committee Presentation

Transportation and Traffic Safety Committee Presentation

MASC Legal Bulletin

February 2015

Cunningham School Committee Presentation

Cunningham School Improvement Plan Presentation

Superintendents FY16 Goals Presentation

Test Score Comparisons Presentation

SEPAC Presentation

Science/STEM School Committee Presentation

Glover School Improvement Plan Presentation

January 2015

Collicot School Improvement Plan Presentation

Milton Consolidated Facilities Presentation

MHS Site Council Presentation

November 2014

Pierce Middle School School Improvement Plan Presentation

MPS End Cycle - Summative Evaluation Report Superintendent 13-14

Tucker School School Improvement Plan

MHS Athletics Presentation

October 2014

FY 16 Budget Timeline Proposal

Achievement & Growth Across the Levels and Reflecting on Advancement Initiatives Presentation

Addressing the Achievement Gap - Follow Up Presentation

2013-14 Diversity Report Presentation

Accountability Level Presentation

2014 MPS School Based MCAS Presentation

September 2014

Addressing the Achievement Gap Presentation

FY 14


May 2014

MPS Data Responses to CDM Request Presentation

CDM Charter

Third Quarter Report

PARCC Update Presentation

Common Core Standards Overview Presentation

Early Literacy Initiative Presentation

K-12 Science Education Presentation

April 2014

Collicot Site Council Presentation

March 2014

Tucker Site Council Presentation

Milton School Food Service Presentation

Glover Site Council Presentation

February 2014

Cunningham Site Council Presentation

January 2014

Pierce Middle School Site Council Presentation

December 2013

MHS Site Council Presentation

FY15 Budget Presentation

MPS Advancement Budget FY 2014-2015 Presentation

Advancement 2.0 Preliminary Cost Assessment Presentation

November 2013

DESE Educator Evaluation System for Superintendents Presentation

MPS End-of-Year Report Data Elements Presentation

School Committee Goals for the MPS FY14 Presentation

Milton Special Education Parent Advisory Council Presentation

Diversity Report Presentation

School Based MCAS Presentation

FY 15 Budget Proposal: Advancement 2.0

October 2013

English Language Education Presentation


September 2013

Residency School Committee Presentation

DESE Educator Evaluation System Presentation

School Committee Accountability Level Data Presentation


FY 13

February 2013

-Cunningham School Improvement Presentation

January 2013

-FY 14 Budget Drivers & Reductions Presentation

-PMS School Improvement Presentation

December 2012

-FY 14 Budget Request Presentation

-FY 14 Advancement Budget Presentation

-Collicot School Improvement Plan Presentation

November 2012

-NEASC Update Presentation

-MCAS/Data Presentation

October 2012

-Grade One Assignment Presentation

-MCAS/PPI Presentation

September 2012
-MHS Collaborative Time Presentation

August 2012
-Elementary Program Assignment Presentation
-Grade 1 STEM Presentation

FY 12

May 2012

-Elementary Programs

-Summer School Presentation