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Due to the restructure of routes, new bus passes will be going out on  
Monday (8/24) to many of the riders that attend Cunningham and  
Collicot.  No passes for Tucker, Glover, Pierce, or Milton High School  
will be affected by this restructure. Click here for more information.


Transportation Department

For transportation questions, e-mail Mr. Jake Smith at

For voicemail: 617-696-4282, press '4' for Cunningham and then dial extension 1200.

Due to the fact that Mr. Smith is a classroom teacher, he will be unable to respond to messages until the end of the school day.

Although registration for transportation is currently closed, please contact Mr. Jake Smith at if you would like to be added to a waiting list. No new registrations will be processed until September 15th.

2015/16 Registration Information

-Registration information for students entering Kindergarten

-Registration information for students entering Grade 1

-Registration information for students entering Grade 2-5

-Registration information for students entering Grade 6

-Registration Information for students entering Grade 7-12


2015/16 Bus Routes