Milton High SchoolRespect. Achievement. Citizenship.

Milton High School

25 Gile Rd
Milton, MA 02186
(p) 617-696-4470/4478
(f) 617-696-5038
Mr. James Jette, Principal

Mr. Ben Kelly, Vice-Principal
Mr. Brian Mackinaw, Vice-Principal


The mission of Milton High School is to graduate students who are equipped to reach their potential and contribute to the global community by engaging them in a rigorous, enriching educational program that emphasizes respect, achievement, and citizenship.

School Directory

Main Office


Ms. Maureen Kennedy, Administrative Assistant x5503

Mr. Brad Spindle, Administrative Assistant x5501

Vice Principals

Mr. Ben Kelly, Vice-Principal x5504

Mr. Brian Mackinaw, Vice-Principal x5507

Guidance Department

Ms. Karen Cahill, Director of Guidance x5530

Ms. Leonice Bernard, Guidance Counselor x5528

Ms. Lisa Spinelli, Guidance Counselor x5529

Mr. Scott Devlin, Guidance Counselor x5527

Mr. Rich Guarino, Guidance Counselor x5526

Colleen MacDougall, Administrative Assistant x5533

School Nurse

Ms. Margaret Gibbons, Head Nurse x5537

Department Heads/Directors

Mr. Ryan Madden, Athletic Director x5515

Mr. Noel Vigue, Director of Physical Education / Health xTBA

Ms. Barbara Wright, Humanities (English & Social Studies) x5511

Ms. Michelle Kreuzer, Mathematics x5519

Ms. Dawn Sykes, Fine Arts & Family/Consumer Studies x5518

Dr. Martine Fisher, World Languages x5532

Ms. Amy Tom, Science x5512

Ms. Karen Cahill, Guidance x5530

Special Education Chairperson

Ms. Anna Green, Team Chair, x5521

Senior Building Custodian

Mr. Jason Scherer

Staff Contact Information

MHS Staff Phone Extensions

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