Human Resources Office

Milton Public Schools

25 Gile Rd

Milton, MA 02186

(p) 617-696-4811

(f) 617-696-5099

Dr. Karen Spaulding, Assistant Superintendent 

Ms. Laurie Dunn, Human Resources Specialist

Employee Compensation and Benefits

-Unit A (Teachers) Contract Agreement, September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2019

-Unit D (Education Assistants) September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2019 

-Employee Health / Dental Insurance Premiums

-Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System


2020-2021 Staff Documents 

Opening Week Presentations: 

-Race and Racism in School - Dr. Nicole Christian-Brathwaite, MD

-Legal Presentation - Paige L. Tobin, Esq. 

-Five Roles Families Play to Accelerate Student Learning

-Milton Public Schools: Family Engagement Friday


Staff Documents: 

- 2020-21 MPS Staff Handbook 

- Employee Assistance Programs

MPS Staff Procedural Handbook for Student Restraint

- MPS Policy JKAA Physical Restraint of Students

-Superintendent Jette's Welcome Back Letter

-Sick Bank Application Form for Units A, B and D

-Sick Bank Application Form for Custodians/Cafeteria Workers

-Fingerprinting information

-Direct Deposit Form

-Letter from Consolidated Facilities Director William Ritchie to staff regarding the Asbestos Management Plan

-Letter from Consolidated Facilities Director William Ritchie to staff regarding the Integrated Pest Management Plan

-Opening Day Sign Off Sheet

Various Forms

-W-4 Form 

-Professional Improvement Guidlines 

-PIC form 1 - Course Approval 

- PIC form 2 - Anticipated Lane Change 

- PIC from 3 -  Approval 

-Masters Degree Course Reimbursement form

-Supervision & Evaluation Program

-Individual Professional Development Plan

-Family Medical Leave Act Application

-McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Staff Manual

-Outside PD Course Approval Form

-Strand Proposal Template

-Field Trip Policy

-Field Trip Preliminary Approval Request

-Field Trip Final Approval Request

- New Employee Sign Off Sheet 

State Ethics Conflict of Interest Law

-Summary of the Conflict of Interest Law

-Confirmation of Receipt Form

-State Ethics Online Training Program


Professional Development

Milton Professional Development program is a framework for our professional staff to build on existing skills and practices and to learn new strategies that directly contribute to an increase in student achievement. Through this program we are developing a more collaborative atmosphere while improving our work environment.

Specifically, the goals of our Professional Development program are: 

*To increase student achievement 
*To provide teachers and administrators with professional growth opportunities 
*To increase teachers' and administrators' content and subject-matter knowledge 
*To improve teachers' instructional practices 
*To develop and align Milton's curriculum with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and to develop a Standards Based Curriculum 
*To foster a collaborative atmosphere among our professional staff

The Milton Public Schools Professional Development program incorporates the priorities identified by the Milton Educators Association and the Milton Public Schools Professional Development Committee. These priorities are the areas of curriculum development, teaching methodology, diversity, and technology.

The Milton Public Schools Professional Development program reflects the goals and objectives in our system-wide Strategic Plan, our system-wide Technology Plan and the plans of our individual school Site Councils.