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Welcome to the Family Resource Page.


Many families and children throughout the country are experiencing stress from life’s challenges due to a variety of circumstances, including changes in the family, financial difficulties, substance abuse, as well as social, emotional and mental health issues that may impact day to day life. This is also true for children and families in Milton. Research suggests that students and families who receive support note improved academic achievement, improved attitudes and behaviors, and reduced emotional distress.


The Resource Pages Project is an attempt to provide families a simple and confidential way to obtain information about the many resources that exist. Resources are available to support families who may need counseling or a range of services for family members with depression or anxiety, substance abuse, or other challenges.


This project is being implemented by the Milton School Committee’s Health and Wellness Subcommittee in partnership with the Superintendent’s Office and the Milton High School Guidance Department. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our school adjustment or guidance counselors for support or assistance if you have any questions or concerns. As always, any information shared is confidential.


How to Use this Site: 

Each section has specific resources listed for that topic. You may want to review all of the sections, as there may be related information in more than one section.


Section 1: Resources within MPS: Adjustment Counselors, Guidance and Parent Liason

Section 2: Food, Housing and Fuel

Section 3: Mental Health Issues and Crisis Intervention

Section 4: Loss, Grief and Trauma

Section 5: Substance Abuse

Section 6: Eating Disorders

Section 7: General Help for Parents

Section 8: General Resources for Children with Special Needs


INTERFACE Referral Service

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Call the William James College INTERFACE Helpline for free information and provider referrals to a mental health professional

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