For students entering grades PreK-12

Central Registration for New Students PreK-12

Ms. Sarina Burke, Registrar, (p) 617-696-4470 x 5610, (e)

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To Enroll a Student for School

Please print out the appropriate packet below then make an appointment to enroll a student with the Student Registrar Ms. Sarina Burke please call her at 617-696-4470 x5610 or email


PreSchool Registration Information

Registration Packet 

Tuition Packet 


Kindergarten Registration Information

Kindergarten Registration Packet 1 of 2 

Registration Packet 

2019/2020 Kindergarten Information Night Presentation 

K Days Event Flyer

Grade One Enrollment Information

2019 Grade One Information Night Presentation 

Q&A from information night 2019


Grades 1*-12 Registration Information

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Q&A from information night 2019


*Grade 1 Enrollment Information

Enrollment in the Grade One French Immersion program is limited in each school.  If there are  more students who select French Immersion at a school than there are seats available a school based lottery will be held to determine who is enrolled in the program.  The limited seats for the program means that there is no guarantee that a student will be able to enter the French Immersion program.  See the Grade One Assignment Policy.


Residency Policy / Re-establish 

In the Spring of 2015, the Milton School Committee passed a Residency Policy that states “students who are enrolled in the Milton Public Schools shall be required to re-establish residency prior to entering grades six and nine as well as Milton Public School students who attend school out-of-town*.”

Families who have students in these categories are required to complete the Re-establish Residency Packet  that will be mailed to their homes (form is also available on the MPS website at  - go to About and then Student Registration) and provide all necessary documentation. This process is one of the safeguards used by the Milton Public Schools to ensure that all students enrolled in our schools are residents of the town of Milton. Although the re-registration process may be an inconvenience for some families, we hope that residents understand that this is a valuable tool to protect taxpayers in the town of Milton. We work year-round on residency issues and this is simply one more method to assist us with ensuring residency compliance.

Ms. Sarina Burke, MPS Residency Coordinator, or at 617-696-4470 ext 5516. 

*This includes all students who attend Blue Hills Regional Technical School, Norfolk County Agricultural High School and Special Education out-of-district placements for students entering grades 6 and 9.

Families who have students in these categories are required to fill out the packet that has been mailed to their homes or go to the following link and provide all necessary documentation.