Through the Lens of Equity

Somaly is a refugee and survivor of the Khmer Rouge Genocide. She immigrated with her family to the United States seeking asylum from a war-torn country in January, 1981. Having lost everything, obtaining an education was a non-negotiable in her household. As a immigrant woman of color who did not speak English, struggled with her multi-cultural identity, and inflicted with intergenerational trauma, Somaly faced many barriers as she worked to unlock her potential. Somaly has an extensive background in business and almost two decades of experience in education. Somaly has a MaED in School Administration and is a certified New York City Leadership Academy Turnaround Principal (Rhode Island and Massachusetts).  Somaly founded 2-THRIVE LLC, a consulting company that helps build intellectual capacity through the lens of trauma with a focus on restoration.  She has worked with learners (youth and adults) of all levels (elementary to post-secondary). Somaly is relentless and determined to help all Learners UNLEASH their full potential and productively navigate all aspects of their lives. She wants to encourage and inspire others to “PAY IT FORWARD” and help those who need guidance. She believes true FREEDOM is achieved when you free your mind!

Somaly Prak-Martins can be reached at

Somaly M Prak-Martins, Senior Director of Education Equity

    Equity is a JOURNEY not a Destination