Peter Headshot 11-2021.jpgDear Milton Community,

With my position becoming official, I wanted to share just how excited I am to come to Milton to be your superintendent. Having visited a family member in Milton for many years, I knew that Milton was an exceptional community. This was emphatically confirmed on my visits over the last month as I met with students, staff, and community who are all clearly invested in the real success of all students and are ready to do what it takes to maintain the excellence of the Milton school system while tackling the entrenched disproportionality of student outcomes that confronts us.

I will begin on July 1, and will be coming down to make the transition over the next months to facilitate that process. I look forward to meeting all members of the community over the next months and years, and will share further communication over the summer as I work to make connections and better understand the way forward. Thank you for the opportunity to lead in Milton. Go Wildcats!

With gratitude,

Peter Burrows

                             Dr. Burrows' spring schedule at MPS can be found below. 

Superintendent Burrows' Entry Plan

Dr. Burrows is working on an entry plan for the 23-24 School Year and his work in the district over the next several months will inform much of the plan. He looks forward to sharing his formal entry plan with the MPS community later this spring. 


Dr. Burrows' spring schedule at MPS can be found below. 

Incoming Superintendent Peter Burrows visits  Collicot, Cunningham, Glover, Tucker, Pierce and MHS  March and April  2023. 

March - June 2023

Before his official start date of July 1, 2023, Dr. Burrows will spend seventeen school days in the district, including the last full week of June. He'll also attend Milton Town Meeting in May and School Committee meetings as needed. This list is not complete, and meetings and events will be added throughout the spring. Your child's principal will communicate school-based opportunities to meet Superintendent Burrows. 

✅ March 23: Collicot Community coffee, drop in time for all Collicot staff, Principal meeting with Dr. Burrows, classroom visits, Collicot 5th grade basketball game, meeting with Milton Educators Association Officers. 

✅ March 24: Cunningham Site Council, meet families/students at arrival, Parent/Guardian meet and greet, Cunningham union reps, classroom visits, staff drop in time, Principal meeting with Dr. Burrows, lunch with 5th grade student council.

✅ March 30: Tucker Breakfast with Before School Students, Arrival meet and greet, staff drop-in hours, classroom visits, meet with Site Council and Diversity Committee, lunch with 5th grade students. Central Office - meet with MPS Full Leadership Team 

✅ March 31: Glover Community Coffee, classroom visits, staff meet and greet, Principal and Asst Principal meeting, lunch with students. Attend district PD sessions, Central Office, meet with Milton Foundation for Education Representatives.  

✅April 13: Pierce Middle School, meet with Principal and Vice Principals, drop in time for teachers/staff, building tour/classroom visits, Pierce community meet and greet. Central Office  - meet with the Director of DEIB, the Administrator of Pupil Personnel Services, and SEPAC representatives.

✅April 14: Milton High School, meet with Principal and Vice Principals, attend MHS Leadership Meeting, drop in time for teachers/staff, meet with student groups. Central Office - meet with 2-3 School Committee members, meet with several members of School Building Committee.

✅May 1: Meet with PTO Presidents, attend Town Meeting.

✅May 2: Meet with MARC and CDM, meet with Communications Coordinator, attend Town Meeting. 

May 22-26, June 5, June 6, June 15, June 16, June 25-30:  Introduction of new School Committee Members, meetings with Town Officials and Milton community stakeholders.