The Mathematics Department offers different levels of college-preparatory mathematics to accommodate all students.  Advanced placement courses are offered in Calculus (AB and BC), Statistics, Computer Science, and Computer Science Principles.  In our math classes, technology is integrated into presentations and coursework.  Even though students will have the opportunity to use their personal devices (chromebooks or laptops) in class, we still recommend that students have access to a graphing calculator or graphing calculator emulator in order to be prepared for standardized tests.   

Goals of the high school mathematics department 

We encourage all students to reach their potential by:

  • Providing a diverse curriculum
  • Offering the highest quality of instruction
  • Emphasizing critical thinking
  • Promoting sound work habits
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for diversity
  • Fully integrating technology into instruction
  • Using a multi-representational approach to solving problems (The Rule of Four - graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally)

Successful completion of four years of mathematics is a graduation requirement at Milton High School. 


Math Resources for Students 


Summer Work for Mathematics, 2018 (scroll down for math courses)


If you have any questions regarding the mathematics department, please contact Michelle Kreuzer, Director of Mathematics, K-12. 

617-696-4470 x5519