Brian Selig

K-12 Math Director 

At MHS, different levels of college-preparatory mathematics are available to accommodate all students.  Advanced placement courses are offered in Calculus (AB and BC), Statistics, Computer Science, and Computer Science Principles.  In our math classes, technology is integrated into presentations and coursework. 

Goals of the high school mathematics department 

The MHS Math Department strives to help all students reach their potential by:

  • Providing a diverse curriculum

  • Offering the highest quality of instruction

  • Emphasizing critical thinking

  • Promoting sound work habits

  • Demonstrating an appreciation for diversity

  • Fully integrating technology into instruction

  • Using a multi-representational approach to solving problems (The Rule of Four - graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally)

Successful completion of four years of mathematics is a graduation requirement at Milton High School. 

Click HERE to view the MHS Mathematics Program of Studies.

Math Resources for MHS Students