At Pierce Middle School, the ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS program utilizes a variety of literature based learning experiences to teach children how to understand and respond to what they read as well as teach students how to effectively use the English language in their speaking and writing. The English Language Arts program focuses on three components: language arts, composition, and literature.

The English curriculum follows the Massachusetts State Curriculum Standards and emphasizes the identification of key ideas and details, understanding of craft and structure and integration of knowledge and ideas. Students engage in literature as well as informational texts to grow their comprehension. At all grade levels, students engage in a variety of literary genres to build the their skills and achieve at higher levels.  Student engage in various age-appropriate readings within these genres and we highlight themes of individuality, community responsibility, individual expression of self and acceptance of difference.

Student engage in whole class novels and various readings to build skills of factual understanding of text and critical thinking skills. This is emphasized throughout the reading of the texts, but also required in their writing. There is emphasis placed on the use of evidence to support claims and develop understandings (in both reading and writing). Students engage in reading, writing, speaking and listening experiences while also reading independently outside of what is required in school by teachers. The goal of our independent reading program is engage in lifelong reading and building strong habits.

Students engage in the five-step writing process each term, all three grades. This includes prewriting or brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing to build skills in all genres and build student ability to accurately express ideas in writing. Students will increasingly learn how to adapt the writing process to fit the demands of various assignments and practice the skills learned to meet the needs of any writing prompt. Students engage in expository, narrative, persuasive and descriptive writing to expose students to various types of writing while also building their ability to develop their individual strengths, find their voice and develop style.