Our Social Studies curriculum is focused on exposing students to foundational lessons in history and an exploration of impact of the lesson of history on society today.  We engage students in a study of various cultures around the world and the importance of participation in the democratic process through the study of civics and various principles of democratic societies (from ancient civilizations through modern times). In 6th grade, students study Ancient Civilizations, in the 7th grade they study World Geography and in 8th grade our students study Civics and World History.  At all three levels, students learn about public policy and the complexity of interactions between individuals, governments, and nations.  Students engage in the social, political, economic, cultural and military aspects of various societies throughout the history of the world.  Historical thinking skills are emphasized at each grade level as students engage in various primary and secondary sources - to act as historians and engage in discussions of validity of sources, source bias, and the value of primary and secondary sources on interpretations of history.  Students engage in reading, writing and public speaking opportunities as they investigate history.  Students also explore themes of identity, bias and justice as they explore connections between what they are learning and the society they live in.