Mrs. Erica Benjamin, Grade 6 Guidance Counselor x3605

Ms. Erin MacCurtain, Grade 7 Guidance Counselor x3606

Mrs. Lisa Veldran, Grade 8 Guidance Counselor x3607

The Role of Your Guidance Counselor

Your child’s guidance counselor will work with you and your child during his/her three years at the Pierce Middle School.  The guidance counselor has many roles. She works with students on an individual and small group basis to help students solve problems related to school, peers, home/family, health and emotional adjustment. A major goal of the guidance counselor is to teach students strategies to solve problems they may encounter and to navigate middle school.  Ultimately, the guidance counselor’s goal is to empower students so they can eventually advocate for themselves.

The guidance counselor consults with and serves as a resource for teachers, staff, and parents regarding the developmental needs of students. The guidance counselor acts as a liaison between parents/guardians, students, and teachers and conducts and facilitates team meetings.  Finally, she connects students and their parents/guardians to community agencies, programs or specialists as needed. 

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