Mrs. Erin Jaquette, ​​​​​Grade 6 Counselor x3606

Mrs. Lisa Veldran, Grade 7 Counselor x3607

Mrs. Erica Benjamin, Grade 8 Counselor x3605

The Role of Your School Counselor

Your child’s school counselor will work with you and your child during his/her three years at the Pierce Middle School.  The school counselor has many roles. She works with students on an individual and small group basis to help students solve problems related to school, peers, home/family, health and emotional adjustment. A major goal of the school counselor is to teach students strategies to solve problems they may encounter and to navigate middle school.  Ultimately, the school counselor’s goal is to empower students so they can eventually advocate for themselves.

The school counselor consults with and serves as a resource for teachers, staff, and parents regarding the developmental needs of students. The school counselor acts as a liaison between parents/guardians, students, and teachers and conducts and facilitates team meetings.  Finally, she connects students and their parents/guardians to community agencies, programs or specialists as needed. 


Private School Application Process

If your child is considering applying to a private/parochial school, please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Contact  your child’s grade level school counselor 3 weeks prior to the application deadline date via email or phone when you have made the decision that your child is going to apply to a private/parochial school.  Please do not send an email through the school's portal if you have not personally contacted a school counselor.  Recommendations/records will not be submitted unless you have made direct contact with the school counselor. 

  • Ask your child to complete the student information sheet. Counselors need this form to complete the recommendations. Students can get this form by clicking HERE.

  • School counselors are responsible for completing the school report form and the principal/guidance recommendation.  

  • If other teacher recommendation letters are required, please contact your child’s teacher(s) directly via email to make that request and follow up directly with those teachers.

  • Please give both guidance counselors and teachers at least 3 weeks to complete the application/recommendation process.  

  • In the spring,  please let your child’s school counselor know if they will be attending a private school for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • If you are having technical difficulties with the websites, please contact Ravena/Gateway or the  private school directly.

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