School Committee Policy Book

Introduction and Table of Contents

Section A Policies

   Section A Table of Contents

   Policy AA School District Legal Status

   Policy AB The People and Their School District

   Policy Nondiscrimination

   Policy ACA Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender

   Policy ACAA Sexual Harassment

   Policy ACE Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability

   Policy ACG Complaint Procedure Resolution of Discrepancy Complaints

   Policy ACH, Bullying Prevention Policy

   Policy AD Educational Philosophy and Core Values

   Policy ADA Development of District Objectives

   Policy ADB Drug Free Schools

   Policy ADC Tobacco Free School and Prolonged Vehicle Idling

   Policy ADD Environmental Health and Safety of School Facilities Policy

   Policy ADDA Background Checks

Policies - Section B

Policies - Section C

Policies - Section D

Policies - Section E

Policies - Section F

Policies - Section G

Policies - Section H

Policies - Section I

Policies - Section J

Policies - Section K

Policies - Section L


Recently Adopted Policies

Policy EFD Milton Meal Charge policy

Policy BEDG, Minutes

Policy IHAMD Wellness Policy 

Policy AC Nondiscrimination Revised for CAP

Policy ACA, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Gender

Policy ACAA, Sexual Harassment

Policy ACG, Complaint Procedure Resolution of Discrepancy Complaints

Policy ACH, Bullying Prevention Policy

Policy BBA School Committee Powers and Duties

Policy BBB School Committee Membership Qualifications-Oath of Office

Policy BDE Subcommittees of the School Committee

Policy BDF Advisory Committees to the School Committee

Policy BEDA School Committee BEDA

Policy BEDB-E Agenda Format and Comment

Policy BEDH Public Participation at School Committees

Policy BHE Use of Electronic Messaging by SC Members MASC

Policy IHA, Basic Instructional Program

Policy IHAMA, Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

Policy IFC, Diversity

Policy IJND Access to Digital Resources

Policy IJNDC Empowered Digital Use Policy

Policy IJNDD Social Networking Policy for the Milton Public Schools

Policy GCF, Professional Staff Hiring

Policy GBB, Sexual Harassment

Policy GB, Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy JB, Equal Education Access

Policy JIH Searches and Interrogation


Policy JO, Employment of Students

Policy JLD, Guidance Program

Policy JFBB, School Choice

Policy JLD, Guidance Program

Policy JG, Admission to Course of Study

Policy JFAA, Residency Policy

PolicyJRB, Directory Information Policy

Policy JMA, Student Awards/Scholarships

Policy FFA, Commemoration Policy

Policy LBCA, Relations with Non-Public Schools

Policy JICH ALcohol, Tobacco & Drug Use by Students Prohibited

Policy IHAMA, Teaching about Alchol, Tobacco & Drug

Policy GBEC Drug Free Workplace Policy

Policy ECAF, Security Camera System Policy

Policy BGB, Policy Adoption

Policy IHBG, Homeschooling Policy

Policy JICH, Weapons in School Policy


Policy JJF, Student Activities Funds Policy

Policy IJOA, Field Trip Policy

Policy JKF Disciplining Students with Special Needs 9/30/2015

Policy JKF Student Discipline 9/30/2015

Hazing JICFA-R 9/30/2015

Superintendent Evaluation 9/30/2015

Domestic Violence Policy Adopted Sept 2015

MPS Cash Management Policy 2015

Policy JK Student Discipline Adopted July 2014

Policy JKF Disciplining Students with Special Needs Adopted July 2014

Policy ADDA Background Checks

Grade One Assignment (JGA) Adopted 01/09/13

Emergency Plans (EBC) Adopted 8/15/12

Student Health Services and Requirements (JLC) Adopted 8/28/12

Athletic Concussion Policy (JJIF) Adopted 2/1/12

Social Networking (IJNDD) Adopted 7/25/12

Energy Efficient Vehicles (DJGB) Adopted 3/2/11

Title I Comparability Report (DDC-R) Adopted 2/9/11

Student Pregnancy (JIE) Adopted 1/19/11

Homeless Students (JLG) Adopted 11/3/10

Media Policy (KDD) Adopted 10/20/10

Entrance Age (JEB) Revised 9/8/10

Frequently Requested Policies

Below is a list of frequently requested School Committee & District Policies.

Elementary Student Assignment Policy & the Revised Elementary Street Listing

Alert Now Policy

No School Notice Policy

Bullying/Peer Aggression Information

Bullying/Peer Aggression District Policy

Bullying/Peer Aggression Committee

Reporting Procedure

Reporting Form

Discipline Rubric

Think About It Form