Youth Risk under SC Presentations

FY 19

June 2019

Fourth Quarter Cover Memo

Fourth Quarter Report

May 2019

Collicot Site Council

April 2019

Third Quarter Report Memo 

Third Quarter Report 1

Third Quarter Report 2

Strategic Plan Update

Facilities Presentation

March 2019

Pierce Middle School Site Council

February 2019

Tucker Presentation 2019 

January 2019

Second Quarter Report Memo 

Second Quarter Report 1

Second Quarter Report All Funds 

Cunningham Site Council January 2019

November 2018

FY 20 School Budget for SC 11-08-18

Glover School Site Council 2018

NESDEC Historial Enrollment - Milton 

October 2018

MHS SITE Council  2018

1st Quarter Memo

First Quarter Report 1

First Quarter 2

September 2018

Capital Budget Request cover letter 9-17-18

5 Year Capital FY 20-24

5 Year Capital Expenses 9-17-18

August 2018

2018-2019 School Committee Goal

Fourth Quarter Report Memo

Fourth Quarter Report

June 2018

School Committee Wait Until 8th

Strategic Plan Feedback for School Committee 6-6-18

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives  6-6-18 FINAL

MPS Strategic Plan 6-6-18 edited 11.28.18 FINAL

Elimination of Class Rank MHS

Curriculum Review 5-Year Cycle May'18

May 2018

Third Quarter Report Memo, May 2018

Third Quarter Report, May 2018

Third Quarter Report, 2018

School Choice Presentaton May 2018

Final Revised Mid-Cycle Goals


April 2018

BRYT and BRIDGE Programs 

English Learner Education 

Subcommittee Descriptions 

February 2018

FY19 Budget Presentation

Final Superintendent Goals 2016-2018

BYOD Presentation

Athletic Presentation

Second Quarter Report Memo 

Second Quarter Report 1

Second Quarter Report 2

Sub Committee descriptions

January 2018

Asset Management Plan

2016-17 Diversity and Annual Report

December 2017

MHS FY19 Fee Schedule 

Standards-Based Report Card 

November 2017 


Enrollment Projections 2017

9th Grade 1:1, Chromebook Initiative

Collicot School Site Council 2017

Cunningham Site Council Presentation 2017

MHS Site Council 2017

Vision Statement-2


October 2017 

Glover Elementary School Site Council Presentation 2017

Pierce Middle School Site Council 2017

1st Quarter FY18 Report

1st Quarter FY18 Report-2


September 2017

2016-17 AP SAT Presentation

2017-2018 Tucker School Presentation

SEL Needs Assesment


August 2017

SEL Needs-Resource Assessment

Resolution Affirming the Provision of Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive Schools for All Students

2017-2018 Milton School Committee Goals

SBIRT Screening Presentation


FY 17

June 2017

MPS Substance Use Prevention, Deterrence & Intervention Plan
-2016/17 Health & PE Presenation

-2016/17 Food ServicePresention


May 2017

School Choice Presentation 2017

Coordinated Program Review


April 2017

MPS Athletics Update


January 2017

Digital Learning UPDATE

NESDEC Demography and Enrollment Projections

Milton School Committee Summary of Areas for Improvement/Continued Attention

Superintendent’s Goals / 2016-2018


December 2016

MSC Superintendent End-of-Cycle-Summative Evaluation December 2016


November 2016

School Committee District Goals 2016-2017

Special Education Updates

FY 18 Budget Revised

FY18 Priorities for a contingent budget

Superintendent’s  Final Evaluation


October 2016

Tucker School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Collicot School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Cunningham School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Glover School Site Council Budget Needs Presentation

Cunningham School Data Presentation

MPS School Data Presentation

Pierce Middle School Data Presentation

Tucker School Data Presentation

Collicot School Data Presentation

2015-16 Diversity Report

Spring 2016 MCAS/PARCC Cohort Analysis

Spring 2016 MCAS/PARCC Results

MHS / FY17 Budget Needs Presentation


September 2016

4th Quarter Report Memo

4th Quarter Report

4th Quarter Report Revised


Archived Presentations