Tucker Model - Core Values


Tucker School prides itself on being a diverse community of learners. While we are the smallest elementary school in town, the energy, sense of community, and collaboration within our community makes us a powerful and unique educational setting!  As a school community, we focus on integrating the district-wide core values into all of our actions in order to advance the achievement and development of every student.

1. Collaborative Relationships and Communication

The Tucker School is a diverse community that respects each individual whether a student, caregiver, faculty or staff member, school or community leader or neighborhood resident.  We thrive by acknowledging and honoring our diversity.  Each individual expresses a sense of belonging to the Tucker Community, understands the purpose and expectation of the community, and contributes to the community. Every family is involved and invested in their own way.

2. Respect for Human Differences

In addition to academic learning and achievement, the development of the whole child is a priority in the daily life, culture, and instruction at the school.  With this mindset, the Tucker School Community is attentive to the social-emotional and physical well-being of all students.

3. Excellence in the Classroom

In pursuit of excellence, teachers at Tucker Elementary School respond to the needs of the student in determining if extra support is needed and to what extent that support is provided.  Students learn from their example and are always asked to ‘go above and beyond’ for their best work and effort.  This same motto is used by the faculty of the school in going above and beyond to support the needs of our students and families, no matter how large or how small. 

4. High Academic Achievement for all Students

The Tucker School Community believes that all students will learn and achieve and that all students deserve opportunities for academic rigor and differentiation to support diverse needs. We also believe that providing opportunities for enrichment in areas that are not part of the core curriculum help support students in engaging with content in unique ways and making real world connections to their learning.  These opportunities allow for students to connect, engage and grow as contributing members of the community which furthers academic learning and achievement.

5. Risk-Taking and Innovation for Education

The Tucker School Community works together to ensure that all students benefit from an education driven by an expectation of learning, growth and responsibility for ourselves, others and the world around us.  Through on-going assessment, ceaseless learning and a determined spirit, we strive to always improve in delivering the best education for our students.  

These Core Values, supported by strong leadership, intentional school culture, purposeful family and community partnerships and effective systems and structures, shape and influence the education of the Tucker School community.  It is our aim that each student demonstrates academic growth each year, academic proficiency in core subject areas, and the formation of skills and character that support their on-going development.   Our goal is that each student will graduate from Tucker Elementary School ready for a successful transition to the Middle School level. We also encourage our students from their first day at Tucker School to believe in themselves as learners that can go to college, and beyond if it is their desire, by connecting actions and learning to our college bound theme.