MILTON HIGH SCHOOL  25 GILE ROAD  MILTON  MA 02186  617-696-4478



Principal Karen J. Cahill  X 5505

Vice Principal Ngoc Tran, x5504

Vice Principal Brian E. Mackinaw, x5507



Administrative Assistant  Jennifer McCullough  x5502

Administrative Assistant Tyler Urso,, x5501



H Hardie - English Department

Barbara Wright - History

Amy Tom - Science

Brian Selig - Math

Zeina Hamada  - World Language

Aneeka Cheema - Performing and Fine Arts

AJ Melanson - Career Tech






Mission Statement

The mission of Milton High School is to cultivate a supportive environment that graduates students who are equipped to reach their potential and contribute to the global community by engaging them in a rigorous, enriching educational program that emphasizes respect, achievement, and citizenship.


Expectations and Student Learning

All Milton High School graduates will:

  1. Effectively apply critical thinking skills to make connections and solve problems.

  2. Employ technology to engage, explore and evaluate our community, nation, and world.

  3. Be original and innovative in individual and collaborative work.

  4. Practice good citizenship, personal responsibility, and character through individual and collective actions.

  5. Demonstrate understanding and respect for themselves and the diversity of ideas, cultures, and abilities in school and beyond.



Milton High School