2020-2021 Transportation

Updated October 16, 2020

Transportation Guidelines for the 2020-2021 School Year

Due to restrictions on the capacity of buses, some changes were required to our bus procedures.  We are still transporting all students in Grades K-6 who live more than two miles from their school and we will be filling other available seats (up to the limited capacity) with those who signed up last spring for transportation, are in the hybrid model,  and are still interested in taking the bus.

All Riders:

  • Masks are mandatory for all riders.
  • Students may only sit one person to a seat.  The only exception to this is that two siblings will share a seat.  In order to provide maximum ridership, siblings MUST sit together, to a maximum of two to a seat.
  • Bus seats will be marked indicating on which end of the bench students may sit (we will be alternating aisle and window seats).  Seats will also be numbered, odd numbers behind the driver, even numbers on the door side.
  • Bus passes will indicate not only the route and stop, but also the student’s cohort and the seat number to which they are assigned. Students must sit in their assigned seat. 
  • Buses will follow similar routes to those used last year but, owing to reduced ridership, some stops may be skipped depending on the cohort day as no students from those stops may be riding every day.  

Elementary Students

  • All students who live two miles or more from school have been placed on buses.  There are waiting lists on some elementary routes for students living less than two miles from school. 

Middle and High School Students: 


  • Grade 6 (more than 2 miles away): Students in grade 6 who live more than two miles away and are registered to ride the bus have been assigned seats. 
  • Grade 6 (less than 2 miles away) and all Grade 7-12: In order to assure students get home in time for afternoon remote sessions, we have prioritized those students who live more than two miles from their school for any Pierce and MHS available seats.  There are waiting lists on some MHS and Pierce Middle School routes. 

Please email Rachel Schewe at bus@miltonps.org with questions. 

Bus Routes 2020-21

A Routes 

B Routes 

C Routes