What Elementary School is my address districted to?

Please see the Policy JGA, Program Assignment Policy & the Revised Elementary Street Listing


How do I register my child for Kindergarten?

Go to the New Student Registration page.


Are the School facilities available to rent?  Whom do I contact?

Yes they are.  Please e-mail rentals@miltonps.org.


Do the schools offer any programs outside of the normal school day?

Yes we do.  Please visit the Milton Community Schools page for more information.


I have heard about the French Immersion Program.  What is that?

The Milton Public School System is proud to offer a successful World Language program for all students K-12. Beginning in Grade 1 students enroll in either the French Immersion or the English Innovation Pathway.   To learn more about these two programs and our overall grade 1 program/curriculum, please see the  1st Grade Information Night Presentation linked here.


Do the schools offer Full Day Kindergarten?

Yes we do.  Please visit the Student Registration Information page for registration information.