Milton Public Schools Conducting Child Find

Procedural Safeguards under Section 504Procedural Safeguards under Special Education

In accordance with Federal and State regulations, Milton Public Schools provides accommodations under 504 and special education programs for eligible students designed to meet the needs of children attending not only public schools but also those attending private school at private expense and whose parents reside in Milton.

Anyone can refer a child in need.  This includes a teacher, parent or guardian, or medical provider. You should refer your child for Special Education Eligiblity and or Accomodations under 504 if you feel he or she has an impairment or  disability and is not making effective progress/deriving educational benefit from his or her current school program. To qualify for special education or accommodations under Section 504,, the student will be evaluated by district staff, with your consent, and if the Team determines the child has a disability, he or she may be eligible for services and or accommodations documented within an IEP or 504. If you have conducted outside evaluations with your child's medical providers, please provide us a copy.

Milton Public Schools provides all children with an opportunity to participate in the public school programs using a continuous and systematic effort to identify children in need of accomodations under Section 504 or Special Education.

Milton Public Schools schools will arrange for screening and evaluation of those students ages 16 through 21 who have not graduated from high school and who are not now attending school or children ages 3 through 21 who are unable to progress effectively in a regular education program due to a suspected impairment and or disability consisting of a developmental delay or intellectual, sensory, neurological, emotional, autism, communication, physical, specific learning or health impairment or combination thereof.

For any child who has been under medical care for mental health/emotional difficulties, screening or evaluation may be appropriate in conjunction with your child’s health care provider’s recommendations.

Prior to requesting an evaluation, please contact your school's chairperson or the district registrar at this link.