FY 22 Budget 

FY21 Budget Book 

FY 21 Budget 

Budget Presentation to Warrant Committee

FY21 Budget Book 

FY 20 Budget

Fourth Quarter Report Cover Memo

Fourth Quarter Report

Third Quarter Memo 

Third Quarter Report 1

Third Quarter Report 2 

FY20 Budget Calendar


Budget Summary 

Policy & Administration  

Instructional Leadership 


Instructional Services 

Special Education 



Food Services 

Revolving Runds 


Enrollment Projections 

Superintendent's Goals 

School Committee Goals

Strategic Plan 

FY 19 Budget

FY19 Second Quarter Report 

FY19 All Fund Budget Summary 

FY19 General Fund Budget Summary 

FY19 Budget

MPS Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Presentation

FY19 Budget Book

FY19 Budget Sheets

FY 18 Budget

-FY 18 Budget Presentation

-FY18 School Budget Proposal Summary

-FY18 Cut Reduction with Impacts

-FY18 School Budget Proposal Backup

NESDEC Enrollment Report

Current Administrative Staff


FY 17 Budget

-FY17 Third Quarter Report Memo

-FY17 Third Quarter Report

-FY17 Third Quarter Grants

-FY17 Fee Schedule

-FY 17 Warrant Committee Presentation


FY 16 Budget

-FY 16 Budget Town Meeting Presentation

-FY 16 Budget PTO Presentation

-FY 16 Budget - 500k Potential Cut Reduction List

-FY 16 Budget Backup

-FY 16 Budget Summary

-FY 16 Budget Proposal

-FY 16 Budget Presentation

-FY 16 1st Quarter Report 1

-FY 16 1st Quarter Report 2

-FY 16 1st Quarter Report MEMO



FY 15 Budget

-FY 15 All Fund Budget Summary

-FY 15 All Fund Budget Summary 2nd Quarter

-FY 15 Budget Proposal Backup

-FY 15 Budget Proposal

-FY 15 Fees

-FY 15 Budget Presentation



FY 14 Budget

-FY 14 1st Quarter Report

-FY 14 2nd Quarter Report

-FY 14 Budget Summary

-FY 14 Budget Salary Backup

-FY 14 Budget Non Salary Backup

-FY 14 Budget Update Presentation

-FY 14 Budget Drivers & Reductions Presentation

-FY 14 Budget Request Presentation

-FY 14 Advancement Budget Presentation

-FY 14 Fee Chart

FY 13 Budget

-FY 13 Budget Summary

-FY 13 Budget Salary Backup

-FY 13 Budget Non Salary Backup

-FY 13 Budget Presentation

-FY 13 Budget Q & A

-FY 13 Budget Presentation Schedule

-FY 13 Expenditures - End of Year

FY 12 Budget

-FY 12 Expense Reports - 2nd Quarter3rd Quarter

-Milton School Committee Prioritized FY 12 Budget Restorations (voted 3/2/11)

-FY 12 Public Budget Document

-FY 12 Open Budget Meeting

-FY 12 Budget Cut List (2/11)

-FY 12 Budget Cut List (1/14)

-FY 12 User Fee Schedule